Maras Salt Mines and Moray half Day Tour

$ 175 USD

Maras Salt Mines and Moray half Day Tour

  • Pick up at your hotel at 8am or 1pm (your choice).
  • Private transport to Chinchero, Moray, and Maras (Salt Mines)
  • Visit of the “Green Houses” of Moray
  • Great views of the Andes and valleys of Sacred Valley
  • Trip back to your hotel
Transportation: Bus, Trekking
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Full day

In this half day tour we visit Maras & Moray, perhaps the most unusual of the Inka and Pre Inka remains located nearby the Sacred Valley of the Incas in a beautiful high plateau. (Departure time from Cusco 8 am).

We will pass along Chinchero & continue on to the village of Maras (colonial village) and then to Moray. A pre-Inka & Inka site, though used by the Inkas, Moray is a series of agricultural terraces which were believed to be an experimental agricultural center for different crop strains.

We spend about one hour exploring these huge concentric circular terraces before heading back cross country on foot or bike through traditional farmland to the charming village of Maras. Walking along the cusp of the Sacred Valley we are rewarded with views of the opposite snowcapped mountains.

Before heading to Salt mines of Maras we will pass by the village of Maras to see those beautiful colonial houses and the church, sometimes we will meet farmers and we can stop the car to interact with them (Cultural Connection) then we continue to the amazing salt mines which is basically salty water from underground by salty stream, which is collected by locals through a fascinating process of evaporation. The pools and salt embankments are an incredible sight against the stunning mountain backdrop.

From Maras salt mines our private transport collects us and returns us to Cusco (about 1:30 hours’ drive)




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